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About Us

MacInnes Farms

Our Legacy of Filmmaking and Farming

Welcome to MacInnes Farms. We’re a cinematic haven nestled on 100 acres of pristine land in the heart of Langley, British Columbia. Since our establishment in 1977, we've been passionate about not only cultivating the land but also harnessing its beauty for the art of filmmaking. 

What sets us apart is not just our commitment to the local environment but the unique tapestry of diverse film settings we offer, all within the confines of one spectacular property.

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MacInnes Jamestown THARTZ Dec 2023-1.jpg
Our Rich History
MacInnes Farms has a legacy dating back to 1977, a testament to our enduring commitment to the land and the cinematic arts. Over the years, we've evolved into a multifaceted business, seamlessly blending agriculture with the magic of filmmaking.
A Cinematic Canvas

Our 100-acre property serves as a cinematic canvas where the landscape transforms into a myriad of story settings. From sun-kissed meadows and rustic fields to tranquil lakes and enchanting treed areas, every inch of our land is a picturesque backdrop waiting to tell a story. This versatility not only showcases the natural beauty of Langley but also provides filmmakers with a palette of possibilities.

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Purpose-Built Sets
What truly distinguishes MacInnes Farms is the inclusion of purpose-built sets that elevate the filmmaking experience. Picture a full-size town complete with 15 buildings, each boasting filmable interiors that transport your story to a realistic, immersive setting. 

But we don't stop there – our property also features a full-size cave and mine area, adding depth and authenticity to your narratives. We understand that the success of a film often lies in the believability of its setting, and our purpose-built sets are designed to meet and exceed those expectations.
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Environmental Stewardship
At MacInnes Farms, our commitment extends beyond filmmaking. We deeply care about the local land, and our practices reflect our dedication to environmental stewardship. Through sustainable land management and a mindful approach to filming, we strive to harmonize the art of storytelling with the preservation of nature.

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Collaboration and Innovation
We believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. MacInnes Farms isn't just a location – it's a creative hub where filmmakers can bring their visions to life. Our team is dedicated to supporting your project, ensuring that every frame captures the essence of your story. We welcome filmmakers who seek not only a stunning location but also a partner invested in the success of their creative endeavors.

Make MacInnes Farms the Setting of Your Next Story

When it comes to film locations, MacInnes Farms stands out for its versatility, history, and commitment. We invite you to explore the possibilities our property offers and embark on a filmmaking journey. Just picture it! Every scene in your project can be set against the breathtaking backdrop of Langley, BC. 

Join us at MacInnes Farms – where the land tells stories, and your vision becomes a cinematic reality.

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