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About Us

Our farm story starts in 1977 when our parents found the land we would farm and cultivate over the next forty years. Located just off Hwy 1 at 248 street and 72 ave we have found success as a diversified farming  and agriculture operation and  hot spot for locals, travellers, visitors, and guests alike. We are pleased to be adding new things to our farm plan daily. Our team although small at the moment are dedicated to producing the best products possible along with the help and support of the local farmers, business owners of the area. Our farm currently raises free range chickens and eggs fresh from nest to table all in the same day. We have 40 acres of cotton wood trees which is a sustainable crop used to make pulp for paper. MacInnes farms has partnered with our sister corporation and newest farming enterprise Be-Ingredients which is currently producing honey, hops, hazelnuts, and barley. 

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