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Our Services

Bringing Your Stories to Life at MacInnes Farms

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Diverse Filming Locations
Ideal for film, TV, and commercial shoots, our farm offers a film cave, film mine, and a full-scale western set. These settings provide a versatile backdrop for a range of genres, from historical dramas to modern thrillers. Our dynamic landscapes and built sets cater to a dizzying variety of narrative requirements.
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Facilities for Crews
Equipped with modern amenities, including WiFi, we make filming in Langley a seamless experience. Our dedicated team assists in location scouting and logistics. We aim to deliver a smooth production process. We offer technical support and local expertise to enhance your filming experience.
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A Hub for Film Tourism
Our location is not just a set but a destination for film tourism, attracting visitors from all over. Explore our sets, learn about filmmaking, and experience the magic of movie-making firsthand.

Agricultural and Brewing Products

Visit us for a unique experience combining agriculture and brewing. We offer a variety of orchards including apples and hazelnuts. Our sustainable farming practices ensure high-quality, eco-friendly produce. We also cultivate barley and hops for our on-site brewery, Locality Brewing. Come on by! 

Enjoy a tour of our farm, learn about our brewing process, and taste our artisanal beers.

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